Hiiii! My name’s Sarai. I’m from a little town in Florida.

I just graduated from the University of South Florida with a BA in International Business.

Rather than stay unemployed in Florida, I found the North American Cultural Ambassador Program in Spain where I work as a language assistant.

I just completed one amazing year in Malaga, Spain and I’m lucky enough to spend another year in Malaga with the same primary school.

Instead of “living to WORK”, I’m more obsessed in “working to LIVE”.

I’m also blessed to have my best friend and love, Lenny Cavaluzzi, participate in the same program so we can live and travel together.


2 thoughts on “Who?

  1. Rabi

    Hi! Just read your blog 🙂 it’s the tits! Also, when did you start saying moist? Are you trying to make moist happen? lol I’m an English assistant in Guadeloupe with her eye on Madrid for next year by the way. Nice to “meet you!”

    • LOL when I read “are you trying to make moist happen” I instantly thought of But no, it’s actually a word my boyfriend and I use to express how super duper excited we are! That’s awesome, I really liked Madrid. I’m opting to renew in Malaga again because I love it here 🙂 If you’re ever down south, let me know and we’ll grab some tapas!

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