Bosnia and Herzegovina

A Rebirthed Mostar

Visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina is a really easy day trip from Dubrovnik. We had time on our hands so we bought a 290 kuna trip to visit Mostar and Počitelj. The trip included transportation and guide to both cities.

We visited Mostar first. Upon arriving, I started noticing the heavily pockmarked buildings. As we walked down the streets to get to the bridge, our guide somberly explained to us about the 1992-1994 Croat-Bosniak War. The city was basically demolished and ravaged over the two years.


Building ravaged by bullets

Included in the destruction was the Stari Most, meaning “Old Bridge”. It took more than 60 shells and tank fire to bring down the bridge. A spokesman for the Croats admitted they destroyed the bridge because of its strategic importance; however, academics argue the Croats destroyed the bridge because they wanted to destroy something of cultural significance.


Stari Most – Mostar’s most iconic landmark


View from the top of Stari Most


The Koski Mehmed Paša Mosque. You can enter the mosque and take photos free of charge

Today the bridge is fully reconstructed, using the same stone and building method as the original. Although the bridge does serve as a poignant memorial of the war, it’s most famous for its divers. These crazy, courageous men dive off the 79ft bridge into the Neretva River. Not only is the Neretva River freezing, it’s a little less than 10ft deep. Once they do it, the men get a tattoo of the bridge as a badge of honor.


Getting ready to take a scary dive


A pretty cafe along the river with a great view of the bridge


One of my favorite pictures of all time

Make sure to bring comfortable shoes as the streets are ancient cobblestone and the bridge is a little steep. If you’re hungry or want something to nosh on, I definitely recommend eating a burek. It’s like a flaky pizza-shaped croissant filled with cheese (or other ingredients). It is HEAVEN in your mouth especially with a coke to chase it down.


I wish I can find burek in the USA

On our way back to Dubrovnik, we stopped at a small town called Počitelj. We only had 20 minutes to look around so Lenny and I hauled our asses to reach the top of the citadel. Boy, were we glad we hustled! We had an amazing view of the mosque against the blues and greens of the Neretva River.


The citadel nestled on top of the city


Such a GORGEOUS view on top of the citadel


I’m a little obsessed with the structures of mosques

I CANNOT wait to go back and visit more of Bosnia and Herzegovina!

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