Monkeys and Brits. It must be Gibraltar!

*Lenny went to Gibraltar without me so he’s going to tell you all about his trip*

HIIIIiiiiiiIII. I’m Lenny, Sarai’s boyfriend and I teach at an Instituto (High School) in Benalmadena.

My school, like Sarai’s, is very characteristic of an inefficient, unorganized laid back Spanish public school. On Tuesday a teacher told me that I didn’t have to come to school on Thursday because all of the English teachers were going to take the oldest kids to Gibraltar on a field trip. I laid on the Jewish guilt and said how jealous I was and how Gibraltar was on my list of places to visit. The teacher was surprised that I wanted to go and asked if I wanted to go. The next thing you know I was going on a 12 hour trip to Gibraltar that included a tours of the town, rock, caves and ape’s den… FO’ FREE.

Word to the wise: Bring your passport with you to Gibraltar.  If not you’ll be S.O.L. Gibraltar is a territory of the UK and therefore not a member of the Schengen Area.

The morning of our trip the weather was gorgeous, warm, and sunny just like most days here on the Costa del Sol. I was stoked because this meant that my pictures of the views of Africa and the Mediterranean would be the tits! When we arrived at the border I was a little butthurt because it was cloudy over the area. The Spaniards joke that the reason it’s cloudy over Gibraltar is because it belongs to the UK and not Spain.

The juicy monument

Cloud over the rock

The buses parked at the bus terminal and we went from two big buses to 4 minibuses. The minibuses were necessary because the roads and tunnels on the rock are so narrow that regular buses won’t fit. Amazingly, they say there are more paved roads inside the rock than outside.

During the guided tour we were informed that the residents of Gibraltar are UK citizens and go to English public schools and speak a peculiar language called Llanito, similar to Spanglish (what my Puerto Rican suegra speaks). You can hear the people on the street saying “donde esta the nearest chemist?” and the response being “I think that hay una por alli to the left”.


The English professors at my school

We arrived to the top of the rock and the monkeys (Barbary Apes) were waiting there for us. Gibraltar is home to the only population of “wild” apes in Europe. The apes are fed twice daily at the top of the rock to prevent them for making their way down into the town and wrecking havoc on the residents. The monkeys don’t give two shits about humans. In fact, the pulga infested cute little monkeys were jumping on the students’ heads and stealing bananas from the innocent tourists. The cave was ok. The only juicy thing about the cave is that it’s actually used as a theatre for ballets, concerts, and plays.

Monkey jumped on our moving bus to chill

Begging for change

After the tour of the cave we had 4 hours of free time on Main Street. Main Street was full of Fish & Chips restaurants, red telephone booths, and plenty of shopping. Because they use Pounds and have no VAT (taxes), many people go to Gibraltar to shop i.e my high schoolers buying £1.5 bottles of Vodka to take back home. All in all, Main Street was pretty lame. After a long day of walking we returned to Benalmadena exhausted and I caught the train back home to Malaga.

Fish n Chips

On the way home

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