In Malaga, we get Semana Blanca. What is Semana Blanca? “Semana Blanca is basically an extra week of holidays enjoyed only in the Malaga province of Andalucía to compensate for the fact that their main feria month is August, which is a non academic month. In other words, the region of Andalucía does not want to be short changed with their holidays”. Phenomenal, right?

Thank God for week long breaks! Photo credit to

Since we have Fridays off, Lenny and I will be travelling from the 23rd of February until the 4th of March. And I’m SOOO moist for our itinerary!

23/02 – 27/02 : We’ll be in Romania, specifically in Bucharest, Brasov and Sinaia. We’re renting a car and driving through Transylvania. I’m jumping with glee that pretty soon I can say that I’ve been to Dracula’s castle! (<—Random fact about me: I love vampire books and films)

Unirii Square in Bucharest, Romania. Photo Credit to

Dracula’s castle in Bran, Romania. Photo Credit to

27/02 – 29/02 : We’re finally making our way to Turkey! We’re going to Istanbul and getting our kebabs on. We’re actually staying in a really cheap hostel but they have a terrace with the best views of the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.

Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. Photo credit to

Turkish Bath. Photo Credit to

29/02 – 03/03 : Next, we’ll be in Berlin, Germany. Everyone we’ve talked to has told us that Berlin is definitely the place to be in Germany so I’m looking forward to it.

Berlin, Germany. Photo credit to

City of Berlin, Germany. Photo credit to

03/03 – 04/03 : We leave from Germany back to Malaga. Fortunately, we have a juicy layover in Oslo, Norway so we’re going to take advantage of it and sniff around Oslo until our flight back home.

Oslo, Norway. Photo credit to

*Our flights in total cost a little over 200 euros from Malaga, Spain. We used Pegasus Airlines, Blue Air, and of course Ryanair. Pegasus and Blue Air were one of the cheapest airlines we found that flew into eastern Europe.

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