Bună ziua Romania!

Lenny and I went to Romania for the first few days of our Semana Blanca. At first, I was terrified of going to Romania because of the weather. Being a Floridian girl, I don’t own snow boots or heavy jackets. So I went to my favorite cheap store in Malaga, Primark, and bought myself a jacket that looked like it would keep me warm from the cold and snow for €9!

My jacket was worth every céntimo!

I found Mountain Dew in Romaaania!

Here are some of the things I saw and did, as well as some random facts:

  • 1 eur = 4.35 lei (Romania’s currency. Depending on where you are some people call it ‘lei’ and some call it ‘ron’) Everything in Romania is cheap after you exchange your euros! You’ll soon notice!

111 Lei is about 25 euros

  • We stayed in the Kismet Dao Hostel and I HIGHLY recommend it. The staff was very friendly and informative. If you pay for 3 nights, your 4th night is free. Each night, you get a free bottle of beer, water or soda. There’s unlimited WiFi, free big lockers in your room, free use of towels, free use of kitchen, etc. We paid €9 per night and it was one of the best hostels I’ve stayed in Europe.
  • The language is a romance language. A lot of their words sound or look similar to Italian, surprisingly.
  • When leaving the airport, be wary of people who offer you taxi services because they’ll hustle you. One will say it’s 30 euros to the city center and no less. Another one will say 40. Just pass by that bullshit and look around the parking lot for taxis. Those taxi men will give you a better rate. You shouldn’t pay more than 20 lei (5 euro) give or take.
  • “Guided” taxi tour: For €35, we got a taxi man to drive us to Bran’s Castle, Rasnov, Poiana and back to Brasnov. It was nice because we had limited time and didn’t want to worry about transportation troubles so we took his offer. He was a really sweet man and we got to do everything we wanted in a day!
  • Bran Castle aka Dracula’s castle: For students, it’s 5 lei. The castle inside is pretty bare but the views are gorgeous.

Entrance of Bran Castle

Trying to find Dracula through his secret passage ways!

Views of the city

Isn’t the sky pretty?

MTV’s Cribs should do a show on Bran Castle

  • Rasnov: It was 3 lei to go up to the fortress on a bumpy tractor and 5 lei for students to go inside the fortress. The fortress, in my opinion, was pretty lame but the views of city were phenomenal. It was definitely worth the 5 lei to take those pictures.

They loved imitating California’s “Hollywood” sign all over Romania

Playing with the snow outside my fortress

Bitchin’ views

  • Poiana: Poiana is a ski resort and it’s reasonably priced. It’s becoming a more popular destination so the prices will probably sky-rocket but for now it’s a cheap destination for any international snow lover.

Raging on the slopes

  • Sinaia’s Peles Castle was built by King Carol I of Romania as a summer home in 1872. In more recent times, people like Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Muammar al-Gaddafi and Yasser Arafat have all been guests at the castle. According to Wikipedia, “Peleş Castle has a 3,200-square-metre (34,000 sq ft) floor plan with over 170 rooms, many with dedicated themes from world cultures. Themes vary by function (offices, libraries, armories, art galleries) or by style (Florentine, Turkish, Moorish, French, Imperial); all the rooms are extremely lavishly furnished and decorated to the slightest detail”. You have to pay around 30 lei to take pictures inside. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay and regretted not taking pictures of the inside.

Sinaia’s cemetery


Sinaia’s monastery

Peles Castle

Beautiful statues

  • Eating in Romania is deliciously cheap. For example: (2) soups with bread (2) beers (1) soda (1) chicken in mushroom sauce with rice dish (1) pork spare ribs with potatoes dish and (1) 10% generous tip all came out to 75 lei. That’s about 15 euro to eat a full meal in a super nice authentic Romanian restaurant.

Transylvanian sour pork soup

Romanians eat hearty meals during the winter and my fatass loved it

Lenny’s meal

  • The average monthly salary of a Romanian is about €360.
  • There are a ton of stray dogs in Romania (it broke my heart). Why? In the mid 1980’s, dictator Ceausescu wanted to make Bucharest rival any great European city so he demolished a huge section of residential neighborhoods to make his city greater. This left residents to abandon their dogs, leaving thousands and thousands of dogs to fend for their selves.

Poor things. Romania wants to euthanize thousands of dogs.

Save me!

  • Nightlife in Romania is fantastic. People are ACTUALLY dancing (unlike the Spaniards). The music is pumping through your body while you’re pumping alcohol into your system. It was sweet! Check out Lenny’s personal favorite Sweet Love. ß I think Lenny’s more obsessed with the smoking hot Romanian woman than the actual song haha.

I really enjoyed Romania and would recommend it to anyone who wants a cute cheap destination. I hear Romania in the summer is equally beautifully so I think I may persuade Lenny to go back next year before the snow starts to fall.

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In Malaga, we get Semana Blanca. What is Semana Blanca? “Semana Blanca is basically an extra week of holidays enjoyed only in the Malaga province of Andalucía to compensate for the fact that their main feria month is August, which is a non academic month. In other words, the region of Andalucía does not want to be short changed with their holidays”. Phenomenal, right?

Thank God for week long breaks! Photo credit to

Since we have Fridays off, Lenny and I will be travelling from the 23rd of February until the 4th of March. And I’m SOOO moist for our itinerary!

23/02 – 27/02 : We’ll be in Romania, specifically in Bucharest, Brasov and Sinaia. We’re renting a car and driving through Transylvania. I’m jumping with glee that pretty soon I can say that I’ve been to Dracula’s castle! (<—Random fact about me: I love vampire books and films)

Unirii Square in Bucharest, Romania. Photo Credit to

Dracula’s castle in Bran, Romania. Photo Credit to

27/02 – 29/02 : We’re finally making our way to Turkey! We’re going to Istanbul and getting our kebabs on. We’re actually staying in a really cheap hostel but they have a terrace with the best views of the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.

Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. Photo credit to

Turkish Bath. Photo Credit to

29/02 – 03/03 : Next, we’ll be in Berlin, Germany. Everyone we’ve talked to has told us that Berlin is definitely the place to be in Germany so I’m looking forward to it.

Berlin, Germany. Photo credit to

City of Berlin, Germany. Photo credit to

03/03 – 04/03 : We leave from Germany back to Malaga. Fortunately, we have a juicy layover in Oslo, Norway so we’re going to take advantage of it and sniff around Oslo until our flight back home.

Oslo, Norway. Photo credit to

*Our flights in total cost a little over 200 euros from Malaga, Spain. We used Pegasus Airlines, Blue Air, and of course Ryanair. Pegasus and Blue Air were one of the cheapest airlines we found that flew into eastern Europe.

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